6 May 2023

WhatsApp introduces the report of messages in groups

By Donald

WhatsApp you want to empower group admins with the latest updates. For example, the option to accept or deny entry to a contact to a group was introduced when doing so with an external link.

Another tool to give administrators more power is with the new reporting system. According to the media WaBetainfothe application introduced in the Android update an option called “administrator review”.

What is “administrator review”?

Any member of the group will have the power to report any chat content in order for an administrator to review if it violates the group rules. The latter will be able to review the message and delete it if necessary.

As you can see on this screenshot, the new option will be available within the group settings section in the future. Since this option is located within the group settings screen, it means that only group admins can enable this feature.

After enabling this option, group admins will definitely be able to better moderate their groups thanks to reports submitted by other group members. Reported messages will only be visible to group administrators within a new section of the application, located within the group information”, details the medium WaBetainfo.

From what can be seen in the beta, the tool will not be active by default, but the same administrators will be able to activate the tool in the group settings.

WhatsApp introduces the report of messages in groups.  Photo: WaBetainfo

WhatsApp introduces the report of messages in groups. Photo: WaBetainfo

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