13 April 2023

Where to locate the Attack on Titan Thunder Spear in Fortnite in each game

By Donald

Attack on Titan Thunder Spears are available in Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2 after the v24.20 update. The weapon first appeared in the anime/manga when the Scout Regiment had to deal with Reiner Braun (Armored Titan). In Epic Games’ Battle Royale, loopers will be able to use it to open structures and cause chaos on the battlefield.

All great with this, but how can you get hold of the powerful weapon in every game of Fortnite? The Lightning Launcher may well appear in Scout Regiment chests and trunks, even on the ground as loot. We speculate that his spawn rate will be capped to prevent chaos from taking over games.

Our recommendation is to know the location of all Attack on Titans chests to have a higher chance of finding the Thunder Spear. Youtube channel Fortnite events He shared a video with the location of all these trunks so that you can trace a collection route. The video collects a total of 20 trunks on the map.

you can use the Thunder Spear to quickly flank opponents and immobilize them from both sides. This would allow one teammate to push while the other provides suppressive fire in the form of explosions. Fortunately, with Armored Walls and Port-A-Fort, respite can be found. Players can deploy them to take cover from the Thunder Spear’s attacks.

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