25 April 2023

Who is Fernanfloo and why is he so linked to Free Fire

By Donald

Fernanfloo is a well-known content generator in Latin America. If you take a look at Google search trends, you will notice that the charismatic young man is related to freefire, the Battle Royale developed by Garena. How did this happen?

fernanfloo He is a popular youtuber of Salvadoran origin who is dedicated to making video game videos on his YouTube channel. One of the games in which he has shown great interest and has made numerous videos is freefirewhich has led many of its followers to take an interest in the game and increase its popularity.

Besides, fernanfloo has collaborated in events freefire and has been a special guest in some tournaments and activities related to the game.

Fernanfloo collaborations with Free Fire

He has also made live broadcasts of freefire on his Twitch channel. Some of those collaborations are the following:

  • In July 2020, Fernanfloo released a video on his YouTube channel where he was playing Free Fire and encouraging his fans to download and try the game.
  • In September 2020, Fernanfloo participated in the Free Fire “Bounty Hunters” event alongside other content creators. During the event, players had a chance to win in-game rewards.
  • In December 2020, Fernanfloo was one of the special guests at the Free Fire “Operation Chrono” event. During the event, a new playable character inspired by the popular content creator was released.
  • In March 2021, Fernanfloo participated in the Free Fire “Latin American League” event as one of the tournament commentators.

In short, the relationship between Fernanfloo and freefire is that the youtuber has shown great interest and has helped to popularize the game through his videos and collaborations in events related to the game.

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