17 April 2023

Why anime-based Fortnite skins can cause you to lose

By Donald

Fortnite has become famous for anime-inspired outfits, both of which have gained popularity for their unique and distinctive style in the metaverse. These outfits are different from the traditional ones and become a striking option for many players. However, sometimes their popularity can be a problem as they can stand out too much from the crowd.

the community of Fortnite agrees that anime-based outfits give away the location of the players. To prove that this is not just a rumor, the content creator Birdo did an experiment: he selected four skins (one normal in 3D and the rest with anime design) and placed them inside the storm to see how the shadow of the cells betrays the players.

The images that you can see below show the three anime skins as dark silhouettes, making it easier for rivals to spot them as they take advantage of the limits of the borders to liquidate straggling players.

An easy way to fix this problem Fortnite is to give players the option to turn off cell shading. It could be presented as an additional style for the skin.

Epic Games will likely have to tweak the cosmetics to better blend in with the storm. Since the number of anime-themed skins has grown exponentially, this could take some time.

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