19 April 2023

Why is my cat so attached to me?

By Donald

Why is my cat so attached to me?

Do you remember the days when you started having cats? You may find yourself thinking, “Why is my cat so attached to me?” We have asked questions like, why does my cat lie on me; or more specific questions like why my cat only sleeps with me instead of sleeping with me. other people? But now, as we get used to cats, we understand that it’s more like a cat’s life chose me, I chose a cat’s life.

Reasons why cats stick to people

1. Contact you

A cat that has been so attached to you from the beginning may have a bond with you. This bond can be based on a variety of reasons that are heavily involved in how your cat feels about you. Perhaps your cat feels more secure with you than with anyone, and that is why he has become fond of you.

It’s nice to know that maybe you and your cat have some kind of bond of trust so strong that your cat doesn’t even want to share it with anyone but you. He isn’t he a little flattering?

2. Safety net

Some cats are nervous most of the time and find a safety net in you. Cats can be insecure and vulnerable, and they may see you as a human benefactor and guardian.

This can be a long-term attachment to you or a sudden attachment. It all depends on the environment your cat is in. If you have cared for your cat since he was a child, there is no doubt that he will become fond of you as he matures. If, as an adult cat, he experiences something that makes him anxious, he will come to you for reassurance.

3. Early weaning

Usually, if a kitten is weaned prematurely, it will continue to search for its mother. The next creature you encounter may cause the cat to start developing an attachment to it. This explains why a stray dog ​​becomes more attached to his new cat parent.

4. They are rescue cats

Have you ever considered that their attachment to you is their way of saying thank you for all you have done for them? Well, in this case, rescued cats tend to be more dependent on their rescuers, as if told that they owe it to their rescuer. It’s also clear that rescue cats tend to become overly clingy, which means they’re more loving and affectionate. Maybe it’s their way of saying thank you for everything you’ve done for them.

5. It may have something to do with your race

Many cat owners will share how they see a pattern in their cats of who is most attached to them. They have this theory, and it comes down to cat breed: The Siberian, Norwegian Forest, Russian Blue, Bengal, Bombay, and Himalayan have been known to be a kind of plastic wrap for their feline parents.

6. You get what it takes

Well, unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t mention everything. Sometimes it’s simply because you have what they need to survive. A bit harsh, but the truth is that they got something from you, which is why your cat is so attached to you.

Don’t get me wrong though. Cats are very independent compared to most animals. Some research will tell you that cats don’t even need human companionship. They choose to tame themselves rather than have humans tame them, precisely because they derive some kind of benefit from the relationship.

7. It’s time to talk to your vet!

Maybe it’s your cat’s way of expressing that he has a problem. Attaching is your communication tool to get your message across. This is very likely, especially if the attachment comes too suddenly.

Remember that all the data presented here is just a compilation of information from the internet, be careful when using it. Always consult an expert before making a decision about the health of your pets.